Bridge Street Animal Clinic

5621 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112


Pet Boarding - Bridge Street Animal Clinic - Fort Worth, TX

Bridge Street Animal Clinic offers boarding for cats and dogs to our neighbors in the communities of  Arlington, Meadowbrook, White Lake Hills, and the greater Fort Worth - Dallas area.

To ensure your pet stays healthy and free of contagious diseases, we require all dogs and cats boarding with us to be current on vaccinations. The interval between vaccinations is determined by the type of vaccination used and the age of the pet.

Puppies must be at least 13 weeks of age, have had 2 DHLPPCV vaccinations and a Rabies Vaccination at least 1 week prior to boarding.

Kittens must be at least 13 weeks of age , have had 2 FVRCP vaccinations and a Rabies Vaccination at least 1 week prior to boarding.

Clean kennels at Bridge Street Animal Clinic in Forth Worth TXPet Boarding - Bridge Street Animal Clinic - Fort Worth, TX

 We do everything we can to minimize any stress to your pet while boarding, dogs and cats are kept in separate boarding areas.

Dogs are walked several times daily when boarding at Bridge Street Animal Clinic in Fort Worth TX

Dogs are kept in cages or runs depending on their size and are walked several times daily in our fenced backyard. This gives them some fresh air and exercise.

cat condos  Cats are kept in "condos" that look out over the yard. An arbor outside the window provides a structure for flowering vines that attract birds and butterflies. This helps alleviate any stress some cats may feel when they are not in their home environment.

  We feed a highly digestible diet and fresh water is always available. If your pet is on a special diet, supplements, or medication, bring these along and we will be happy to dispense as needed at no additional charge.

Please call the clinic and make a reservation for your pet's stay. Keep in mind kennel can fill quickly during holidays, so reserve a space early.
We recommend dropping your pet off at least an hour before closing time so we can make sure they have been outside, fed and are comfortably settled for the evening before we leave. 

Third Party Pick-up - if someone else is picking up your pet, you will need to leave name and number of responsible party. A valid drivers license will be required at time of pick-up. Pet will not be released unless person has proper ID.

                         Check-In times:   Mon - Fri     7 am - 5 pm

                                                      Sat:  8 am - 11am

                                                      Closed Sunday

                         Check-Out times:  Mon - Fri:   7 am - 12pm

                                                        Sat :   8am - 12 pm

                                                         Closed Sunday


Call us today for a boarding reservation! 817-457-7387